The tube furnace range offers a high performance heat source allowing the furnace to be used in either vertical or horizontal orientation. Furnace hot zone bores typically range from 38mm to 160mm and are available in a verity of lengths to suit your application. Single zone or multi heated zone furnaces are also available as a standard option. These use a rapid heating resistance wire element enabling temperatures of up to 1200°C to be achieved. All products could be adapted to be integrated with a wide variety of laboratory equipment such as glove boxes or fatigue testing systems.

Example of a Tube Furnace

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The split furnace range has been designed where greater access to the sample area is required, primarily for use in materials testing applications where samples are being tested in tension and/or compression.

Example of a Split Furnace

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Our range of Environmental Chambers are designed for general purpose, materials processing and materials testing applications. Temperature ranges from –180°c to +600°C. We have a vast range of standard products available or can design a more bespoke solution to fit your specific requirements.

Example of an Environmental Chamber

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We design and manufacture temperature control systems to operate existing furnaces and environmental chambers. These can be fully integrated with existing equipment or provided as a free standing accessory.

Example of a Temperature Control System

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The MATERIALS RESEARCH FURNACES, INC. vacuum furnaces can be used for an array of applications and are specifically geared towards flexibility and diversity. Most are capable of running in and switching to different atmospheres: high-vacuum, reducing, oxidising or inert. All furnaces have band or mesh heaters for optimum temperature uniformity. Their versatility makes these furnaces an ideal tool for universities and R&D departments.

Example of a Vacuum Furnace

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