Severn Thermal Solutions produce a wide range of specialised heating systems for use in guarded environments such as glove boxes and hot cells. Being closely allied with this industry for 35 years we are able to address the specific design factors that are critical for successful operation in these harsh environments.


We are an internationally recognised supplier for the study of erosion and corrosion of materials. Other applications include ashing, slagging and burning properties of fossil fuels.

Severn Thermal Solutions produce a wide range of specialised environmental systems for testing, qualification and development of automotive components and sub-assemblies.



We produce a range of furnaces and environmental systems designed specifically for materials testing applications. Particular attention is paid to the compatibility with the Universal testing machine, the test to be performed, grips, fixtures and extensometery requirements.

Severn Thermal Solutions manufacture a wide range of specialised heating systems for operation in the microelectronics and semiconductor industries. Systems include clean room compatible wafer annealing / processing furnaces.


With the wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of high temperature furnaces for Creep, Fatigue and Thermal Mechanical Fatigue (TMF) Severn Thermal Solutions can tailor a range of systems to suit your exact requirements.


We have a long-standing reputation for supplying advanced systems for leading education and research institutions. Solutions for thermal processes can be tailored using a wide range of technologies and temperatures ranging from –180 °C to +3000 °C