Service, Repair & Accessories

Furnace or Environmental Chamber Repair and Service:

Whether you have a single furnace in need of repair or an entire high temperature laboratory requiring a maintenance contract, Severn Thermal Solutions can provide a quality service. With many years experience and the facilities to repair, not only Severn Thermal Solutions products, but other manufacturers equipment as well.

We offer the following services:

  • Inspection and repair of laboratory furnaces and environmental chambers
  • Replacement or rework of products containing ageing and potentially hazardous insulating materials
  • Adjusting and manipulating current products to improve¬†functionality

Accessories and Spares:

If you are using a Severn Thermal Solutions furnace/environmental chamber, or products from another company, we supply a full range of accessories and spare parts.

The accessories and spares that we offer include:

  • Spares, such as heating elements, Insulation, ceramic work tubes or thermocouples
  • Support brackets and roller carriage assemblies to mount your current products