About Us

With over thirty five years of experience Severn Thermal Solutions offer high quality, reliable furnaces and environmental systems. We offer custom engineered solutions including a range of standard laboratory equipment which feature Tube furnaces, Split furnaces (including Short height furnaces), Chamber furnaces, Calibration furnaces, Environmental chambers and Temperature control systems.

Applications range from small scale research and development to full scale production systems which has helped Severn Thermal Solutions build long lasting relationships with some of the most prestigious organisations throughout the world.

Severn Thermal Solutions vision for the future is both exciting and challenging. The development of skills and techniques, investment in new technologies and commitment to quality and service all add up to an organisation dedicated to meet the needs of its customers. We are continuing to refine our approach in offering quality solutions, a philosophy which has been key to our business success and has helped to create an excellent reputation for Severn Thermal Solutions throughout the world.

Please feel free to get in contact to find out more about us.